Google’s Feeds and Their Rounder UI

If you are happen to be liking stock Android, then we share same taste. I have been a long time fan of Google Feeds. The curated relevant feeds keeps me engaged most of the times. I loved swipe to hide cards back then. I am still disappointed when this feature was silently removed to show off a shiny UI.

Recently, Google updated its browser for all platform with slick rounder UI having material theme. On my PC, it looks polished but more white, which I try to avoid. Being a developer, habitually, I love dark blackish themes.

Chrome update came on phone as well at nearly same time. It looks better on phone than it looks on my PC, which makes sense, because everything is not Mobile first!

Google changed its logo in 2015, and then it made the design more rounder keeping mobile users in mind. Now this circular design strategy is everywhere. You see app shortcuts in your phone drawer becoming circular since first Pixel release. Now shortcuts in browser is also round.

Well, people can go and say, new UI is so fresh and cool. But I think different. My pain is old. I felt sick when Google removed Swipe to Hide from its App (Google Feeds).

We start using something so much that it becomes the part of our life, our lifestyle. Think of Instagram removing double tap to like, or more basic, your PC doesn’t let you copy something with CTRL-C CTRL-V. It would be horrible, because now your computer interaction behavior is wired like this.

Coming back to round icons…
It might look good, but I had a hard time to find the favicon of my favourite sports site, when I quickly wanted to know the latest cricket score. So, where is user experience ??

Once I thought to give circular icons a try and I had the same issue in app drawer as well.

Icons are made to appeal it different from each other so it can catch your attention. But making every shape is round and suppressing icons visibility forcefully is contradictory.

Making clean UI is good, but the purpose of it to give a simple effortless interface to user.

I am struggling to keep up with Google circular design strategy.

And then I can’t clean the read or unwanted feeds from Google app just by a swipe which was so easy and natural earlier. Luckily, Chrome browser in phone still has the swipe to remove. I am thinking to use browser more because of this, Anyway all suggested feeds are there too.

Please Google, stop making everything round. Instead focus on making it give better experience when interacted.

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