Oneplue 6T: A Fan Theory

I got my Oneplus 5 delivered on 25th of August in last year!
I was very happy with the phone until they announced Oneplus 5T within 3 months, for same price with great camera and display!


5T had a great low-light camera performance over my almost new device. Anyway, I moved on 🙁

This year in May, on 22, they released Oneplus 6!
Well, this post is not about the review of it so I wont dig it up. But I will not let myself go without saying this…I hate notches, and so rest I don’t care much!

Anyway, we knew 6T will come in November to follow the company release timeline. But then interestingly, We came to know it is coming sooner!

If rumors are to be believed, Verizon also is on the board now and device is coming up 1 month before. Well, there is no surprise as May + 5 Months = October!

And 5 months doesn’t seem long now as seeing the trends of the market. But 3 month was :CRY
PLZ dont say I bought it late!

Okay, drama done!

Mobile industry is changing a lot faster. If you are waiting, some other device will come in competition and get the market.
So, suppose if it comes in November, it might come up with more than what it can bring in October. But if it comes in October, it will be able to release next device faster after it, maybe March or before…Okay…just a thought!

Let’s come to point, and make assumption that it is coming in October only. Speculations are solid and 5 months is enough for next flagship release now. And then to cover up the back due expected features, they might have to bring the device asap to everyone to keep up with expectations and competence.

Okay So, If device is coming in October then what could we expect from it?
Seeing all T’s, it will be a better version of the current Oneplus flagship device for sure!

One thing what I have seen from Oneplus is, they have been skipping the fancy and keeping what really matters to users and the user-experience!

Be it, ditching NFC in earlier devices, not using the best displays available in market and then not letting 3.5mm jack go way, they always kept and build to keep user experience and usability in mind. No fancy, but great!

I also believe personally, technology for people is should not be NFC, it should be a hassle-free, fast and un-interrupted connectivity to each other and so! 

Big tech names and terms are good, but it should translate to the user experience as well!

And then they have been trying to keep price as lower as expected, and sacrificed few things to avoid extra costing.

So, here are the few things in random order which I can think of, by following Oneplus from their first device only, yes Oneplus 1 🙂

Camera: Oneplus has a great hardware and camera sensor, so it is capable of better image production what it is doing currently. It doesn’t mean Oneplus 6 or 5 is not better for Photography. The device is great and so the camera is. But when you see it against the similar competitions, you might demand more, in terms of better low light photography, portraint and auto HDR+.

Design/Model: I won’t say much. Either they copy some design or create new one, They will have my vote. They make decisions and come up with the thought process behind it, which makes sense every time. Design could be fancy but minimal, pleasing and solid feel what I think they will be doing in terms of phone look and feel.

Screen: If keeping price low doesnt come as a blocker, they should definitely put better display.

Notch: I hate notches. I want it go away for ever. But by reports, they are going to keep water-drop notch, a tiny notch to accommodate the camera and earpiece.

Since, notch is likely to be on screen, any speculation of motor camera, which some other company has used to create a full display phone, seems negative for 6T!

Since they are releasing with notche and community never showed interest in it, I expect them to release Oneplus 7 sooner to come up without notch.

For later, they might plan to release in-screen fingerprint reader as well till technology gets matured enough. Currently in-screen fingerprint screen is a bit slower than the usual one. And Oneplus going with speed every time and touting record unlock speeds, It is likely they won’t opt this for the next release in October. It will give the room to plan later devices with full capabilities and come up with the specs which will live up to the 7 branding as well.

Processor: Please, nothing to say! It will be the latest one.

OS: Pie for sure. I am waiting for pie for my phone asap, because beta is already stable 🙂

3.5mm Jac: They started the Bullet Wireless with 6 release, which never came back in stores after the first flash sale.Sale ended in less than 4 seconds in India. By review, it was good but they still have to come up with true wireless earphones as current one is neck band. So, I am sure 3.5mm jack will be available on 6T as well.

Wireless Charging: Oneplus 6 has glass body design. Company skipped the wireless charging for price points. If rumors to be believed, 6T price is going to jump higher, so wireless charging is possible. By the way, my personal feelings are kind of negative, 40-60.

I don’t count on more things, It all remains same or will go parallel as in market. By the way, new upcoming Oxygen UI seems fresh , Hope for the best!

And I expect, they will be releasing Oneplus Bullet Wireless v2 at the same time for sure. It never came to market truly and they are likely to improve it and sell with higher price because of unexpected huge demand.

I waited it for months before finally buying wired Bullets only.

I have been a fan of Oneplus. Not because they are premium for mid-ranges, but because they care for users and their experiences most. I have been following the company from when it’s first device had become famous in Developers community because of CynogenMod and before it came to India and started taking the market seriously here!

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