Vanilla Code is Dying Slowly in Mass!

It’ post 3am. I couldn’t sleep yet.

During my college days, I used to create apps from on-the-moment ideas in these late night times.

I wanted to do nothing and sleep asap, so i can catch my office on time.
Or maybe, I should have read something because reading in bedtime is good, I have learnt.
Maybe Neural Network: pending from almost 1 year now. I have to do something about it Neural Network (related to AI) soon.

I see lot of developers are already creating in/with AI in various fields.
I scare to be back from the standards.

But then I see most of them are just using it as a proxy, instead of creating something fresh and real.
Tenserflow has APIs and more online codes are available, and everyone is using the same copy-paste to show they are AI- ready. Image processing,  Object detection or what not!

I did a couple of things in my college years. Only one mistake I made, which I regret sometimes. I didn’t try frameworks until my last semester.
I had an excuse of vanilla coding is good for learning.

But then after one year in job, I get to know most of the new guys are only familiar with frameworks, their terms and online-hypes. Their fundamentals understanding is less or almost none in few cases.

I have encountered with people in job knowing Bootstrap but not CSS!

Down the line I see all developers will be using frameworks to build products, which is a great way to solve real world problems, because technology is why it is made for.
But then no framework is all good, And then the tweaking and hacking people will be there or not I am not sure!

Once my teacher said about progress of software vs hardware:
hardware progress is 2, 4, 8, 16
software is 2, 4, 6, 8

Whatever AI – the industry is being proud of today – is introduced almost 50-60 years back.
We didn’t have the hardware then, or it was not cheap. Now it is possible mostly because of Hardware Industry not because of Software.

We have C which is lowest level logical programming language, i am not counting Assembly language here.
And now we are making new languages on top of C. We are not trying to build something better or parallel at least.

We are not trying to improve it performance wise, We are making it easier to use, which is also a good idea.  But what I am afraid is of, I don’t see people talking about real CSS applications, JS performances or HTML structures.

All is framework now and ready made components, which is great for easiness but that components are written over those vanilla code, which no one is bothering about. They can only talk about the online stats of the x-y-z frameworks. I am not a great coder, but with the knowledge of web technologies, I have been experiencing this.

I fear the beauty of vanilla code will fade away. And all we will have to see is shiny frameworks which gets support from the most capable hardware, and very less people to improve the frameworks from within.

I know 8GB RAM is normal now and it doesn’t make sense. But we have the possibilities left here. For e.g. IoT components, how will you integrate them with cloud, that time less (code) will be more (efficient) for sure!

Haven’t you already read about 16kb OS written in JS!

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