The Success of Technology

Few days back, I went to some Restaurant for dinner. While billing after the meal, I had a glance over how they manage their table-orders.

Guess what, they are still using pen-papers to write the orders by table number.
Small cut-ready papers works as KOT for them. They write the order with a pen and forward it to where it should go. And then finally it translates to the bill later.

Okay, lets hold for 1 minute and think the time involved in this.

Write table no. "2"
Write "Food 1 Half Spicy"
Write "Food 2 Full Non-veg"
Write "Food 3 Full Veg"
Give to the Chef

Now, let’s suppose if they would have used some software in their Restaurant:
I am assuming user is already logged in and navigated to table screen already.

Search "Table Number" (or Create New)
Search "Food 1"
Enter [Select]
Select "Half"
Select "Spicy"
Enter [Add to KOT]
Search "Food 2"
Enter [Select]
Select "Full"
Select "Non-veg"
Enter [Add to KOT]
Search "Food 3"
Enter [Select]
Select "Full"
Select "Veg"
Enter [Add to KOT]
Select "Chef"
Enter [Send KOT]

Hmm, wasn’t application supposed to make it easier and faster? But clearly, it is the opposite here now.

I have the same experience of being in Buses in Bangalore. It took 5-10 minutes to cross just 1 Km. It was easier for me to walk the distance in the same or less time. Traffic might be the reason, but that should also be the part of the design. Anything poorly thought or planned will lead the failure of system altogether.

Buses were made to be faster and easier way of transport. Software applications are also made with having the same objectives in the related business.

We can argue on things, like: a software or a tech is capable of providing more things and beyond. For e.g., It can generate great information-rich reports and analytics to business users for which humans can take years or forever.

But, the question remains: Is software only good for those heavy tasks not the smaller one?

I am an optimistic and think about the various possibilities of tech in human life. And I believe its for good only.

If something is bad, that is the implementation of it. They way it is being designed or managed is maybe flawed, and that’s why it is not better than the old good practices.
It is supposed to be better in usability and easiness, not the opposite.

We all should contribute to create and implement better designs and flow of the use cases of software applications in any tasks.
Then only, technology is a success, otherwise its just a buzzword and useless!

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