Printing shop dilemma in Bangalore

It’s been a year since my last post. I moved to Bangalore in April and then never got a chance to write anything.

Anyway, I went through something recently which I thought of worth writing. Follow me here!

It’s about last month, when I visited a printing shop to get few papers printout done.

My experience in printing shops in Bangalore is very interesting. At the time we talk about internet privacy and take precautions for our data, I had to send my important documents to shop keeper’s email to get it printed. I will not write about the privacy thing in this post, so let’s continue to the incident.

In that particular shop in HSR Layout, I was asked to use their desktop computer to send the documents to the printer. I had the documents in my phone but they were having this different approach of giving print from their computers to the printer.

So basically I had first thing at hand to solve: is to get the document into their computer.

I was not carrying an USB cable and so I had to rely on wireless communication. They had no Bluetooth support as well. I had few apps to share files from phones in network but they were having only Ethernet support.

So idea was to get the doc somewhere on internet, e.g. email or drive, and then print it out from the computer.

But, I was never intended to login to any account from the computer I don’t know about, I can’t trust with this. Key loggers, spyware, and malware and so on… And then their browser had some third party search engine which mostly gets installed with cheap softwares. So a big NO NO!

So, I shared the document from my Google drive. Now I could be able to access the document without login.

Problem #1 was solved, but it came with a new one. Drive links are lengthy for good reasons, and I didn’t want to type the whole into the browser.

I wished for Google having some short link integration with the drive sharing, but as being Google, the company killed their short link service, I guess around 2 years back.

But not a problem, as I had been using for a long time in college. It was quick to do.

Now I was ready to feed the’s distinct 7 characters into the computer’s browser.

But before that, I had to relieve my mind for few more things:

  1. A quick glance of his running apps from the task manager and services
  2. Installed softwares/programs or anything hidden
  3. Chrome extensions if running in incognito is enabled

I downloaded the document finally to the shop computer using Incognito tab from Chrome, and then sent it for printing. After successful print calling, I had cleanup tasks to do.

  1. Shift+delete my documents from shop’s computer
  2. Closed the incognito tab which I had opened to access my document
  3. Unshared my document from Google drive and deleted it as it was not required to have for longer
  4. No action was required as they don’t have removing links feature. Once the links are made it remains forever. But that’s not a thing here.
  5. I obviously tested the link again if it can still point to my doc, if I missed anything.

That’s it, I was done with the printing. I am not a security pro but a good user, I believe!

I thought of writing this if its helps to anyone else too, as I saw people logging into their email accounts from the same desktop and felt weird.

That’s it for now. I have many things to share, hope I will get time for the next.

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