Android app search problem!

Android apps have come very far in count. Open PlayStore and a proper search key will fetch you a lot of apps. Anyway, I don’t remember ever Android apps count was less in number.

I have been an explorer of Apps. Whenever I come across a good new app, I give it a chance and try to get all much I can get from it.
I have 230 apps on my Oneplus for now.
Yeah I have multiple apps for same or similar tasks for few, because they have something different from each other.
Because of the increasing number of apps in my phone, I sometimes forget specific names until I scroll through the app drawer to find the same.

QuickPic is my most used Gallery/Photo app. I don’t need sync and any fancy features. I like the app. Its simple, sleek and fast.

So, when I don’t remember QuickPic name, I try to search for “photos” in app search which never worked like this.
App search only searches by name. And that’s also straight and #1 implementation. If you write “Pic“, it wont show you QuickPic.

So, when I search “photos“, It shows me all app names starting with “photos” or having “photos” word in names. Its been there like this, but now maybe it needs to evolve.

I remember, Developers can write description of App in config.xml in Android app package.
So, its not very hard to get the metadata of app and do search on the same to find more convenient results.
It is not necessary that all Music apps will be having “Music” in their name. So, its the time to make Search do more.

I believe Launchers can implement it, even if app metadata is not exposed by Android APIs.
(I think, it should be available for sure. If not, then also its just a one step to do.)

We need it now… I need it now!

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