Deepak Jha

I have been creating web applications for groups, colleges and startups while being in College. Currently, I am working as a Software Engineer at Apra Labs, Bangalore.

Full-stack Developer Geek Programmer
Thinker Philosopher Introvert Boring Crazy Sometimes

Few of my indigenous works includes:
1. Website development from scratch for my College National Tech-Fest Insignia, 2016 & 17.
2. Woocommerce for a Hubli startup
3. Classroom QA Platform for Analytics
4. Few Utility Apps for Android
5. Cricket Scorecard web app for College tournament
6. Smart Helmet (IoT)
7. College Admin for File sharing site
8. Few more works for fun, like, Crush meter

Also I have a good professional expertise in e-commerce apps, video web-apps and serverless stack. I have been exploring Flutter and Machine learning recently and wish to do a good project soon.

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